Analysis of the Seismic Vulnerability of Physical Indicators Based on Fuzzy Logic Method: A Case Study of District 1 of Tabriz, Iran

Mohsen Ahadnezhad-Roshti, Shahrivar Roostaei, Mohammad Javad Kamelifar, Hadi Alizadeh


BACKGROUND: Given the importance of the topic of earthquakes, as a natural disaster, challenges and damages caused by them in human societies, especially in urban settlements, considering construction issues and policies in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the indicators of the urban texture is important. With such necessity and the geological condition awareness of the city, due to earthquakes, this study aimed to assess the vulnerability of physical parameters by focusing on District 1 of Tabriz, Iran.

METHODS: This was a descriptive-analytic study. Information on indicators of research topics were classified into six dimensions, including life, quality, number of floors, occupation level, user type, and building materials, and the map of their current situation was produced. ArcGIS software was used to analyze the data and functions of fuzzy analysis and/or fuzzy gamma analysis were used to determine the best conditions and appropriate zones.

RESULTS: According to the results, the fuzzy Gamma function with the threshold of 0.9 was better than other fuzzy functions in the seismic vulnerability analysis of physical indicators of District 1 of Tabriz. According to the results of these functions, the north and north-western parts of the region and the central parts towards the south of the region were vulnerable.

CONCLUSION: The results indicated that the northern part of District 1 and areas in the western part of the region had high potential for seismic vulnerability in terms of physical indicators. Moreover, the building blocks in the southern parts and areas south of the border had medium to high vulnerability which required careful planning before the crisis in the region in terms of strengthening and improving physical indicators, especially in the field of construction, and quality and type of materials.



Fuzzy Analysis; Seismic Vulnerability; Physical Indicators; Iran

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