Presenting a Model for Crisis Public Relations in Iranian Red Crescent society

Vahid Rahmati-Roodsari, Ali Mohammad Mazidi


BACKGROUND: This study was done considering the role of the Red Crescent society in crisis management. In other words, this study aimed to depict a model to determine the function of public relations unit of Iranian Red Crescent society in critical conditions.

METHODS: In a study with qualitative method, basic and in-depth interviews were used to gather the viewpoints of experts and specialists in communications, media and crisis management. The participants were selected via convenience sampling. As a qualitative research ends after reaching theoretical saturation of the data, research sample reached to 27.

RESULTS: The collected data were summarized and presented in the form of a 23-steps model.

CONCLUSION: Our findings give some indications of a more specialized model of public relations duties as an aid unit compared to some other studies in Iran and foreign countries. First, as there are no direct studies on public relations duties among the researches done on crisis management in Iran; and second, despite numerous studies on crisis management and the role of public relations in other countries, most of the presented models have up to 10 steps which are similar and highly overlapped. In fact, our presented 23-step model in addition to containing all the results of previous studies includes more detailed and specialized points about the duties of a public relation unit of an aid organization.


Model; Crisis Public Relations; Information Management in Crisis

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